Piano Living Concept

A couple of weeks ago I decided to have a walk along the river from Santa Apolónia heading north. Following the train tracks and one of the main roads I took some photos of freight harbour machinery, cargo containers and railway wagons. You know, this kind of industrial scenery which to me looks best in the evening or at night. It was midday when I was there and the weather was extra sunny, with only a few clouds, so I didn’t really get that mood I’d like to capture one day…

But there was something I completely forgot about.

I remember that last year I have only seen some visualizations of new residential estate and I noticed there was a developer’s office and a new building. I walked in the office and I could see the whole estate model (sorry, no photos as it was behind a plexiglass).

And the visionary of that place was not John Smith, but a very well known architect – Renzo Piano.

Instead of giving you a long lecture about who and what I will simply drop the link to their website and let you enjoy some photos of the first completed building (at the moment it is the only one standing).

Click: Piano Living Concept


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