A word about 24 Hour Project

First time I heard about 24 Hour Project was back in 2016. I found the idea very interesting and I was wondering how can photography make a difference? An important difference!? It was only a few months after that I tried to make a difference in our world myself during the 2017 edition of 24 Hour Project. Days passed and I was still checking Instagram and Facebook for news related to this project and with my eyes wide open I looked at the photos they shared on their account – photos from all over the world showing other people’s lives.

Back then I was not into street photography, I was too shy and felt too exposed as a photographer to the public, and because of that – in my opinion – it didn’t go well for me… But then I thought “why am I afraid of people, if I’m doing it for the people?”.

I stepped forward… I got more confident taking my cameras out to the streets and then in 2018 I tried to take even more responsibility by being a local ambassador of 24 Hour Project in Lisbon (you can read about it on their website).

Just today they shared a story on Instagram about upcoming updates, so stay tuned.

And of course I will join their forces again in this year’s edition!

Below you can find some photos I took last year as part of the 2018 edition of 24 Hour Project.

24 Hour Project 2018: https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/24hr18/

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