The amazing world of street art

This post was meant to be different from what it is…

When I moved to Lisbon in the summer of 2016 it immediately caught my eye that the city is full of street art – graffiti, tags, murals, stickers, paste-ups – you name it. It caught my eye, but that was about all that happened. I thought “yeah, there’s a lot of it” and while I would stop and admire some works here and there, I understood very quickly that I’m falling in love with the city. When I think ‘Lisbon’ I think ‘woman’. And it’s because of this wall by Tami Hopf in Alfama (done in 2016 – coincidence?):

While I was getting to know the areas of Lisbon more and more, I kept on “discovering” new works, but it was May 2017 that made a big difference in my perception of street art and the artists behind it. There was an event in Amoreiras with the old school graffiti writers and I decided to and have a look. I took my camera with me and tried to document the progress of beautifications without interrupting the guys painting… but surprisingly some of them would stop painting when they saw a new face around. That’s how I met Obey, Slap, Utopia, Roteweiller and indirectly the person behind Street Art Lovers on Instagram (who is now my good friend).

And that’s where things get complicated, because I wanted to show you the photos from that event, but the DVD with those photos is unreadable…

At least I can keep it short now! 🙂

I tried to take a good photo of every wall I found interesting, a wall that had a decent work on it and my Instagram used to be full of those photos. Through all those people I met other artists, they would share information about other events and I would get to see more walls and take more photos…

I will keep the rest for another post. Below are some of the works of my favorite artists, but I still wish I could show you some of those from Amoreiras from 2017…

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