Expired Ilford Delta 100 in a Yashica 124

I obtained a couple of rolls of expired Ilford Delta 100 in medium format and finally had a chance to use one roll (back in January). The camera doesn’t belong to me, but it is a Yashica 124 and it was my first ever experience with a medium format camera.

I’m not saying these photos are something we would consider “WOW” – I wanted to test the roll and the camera as well. I used the Light Meter app on my phone to measure the exposure settings and I think I failed a few shots anyway, but it was fun to learn and get used to the difficulties (or rather differences) in composing a picture with this camera.

Overall, I am pretty happy with the outcome. I used the recipe for development I found on Massive Dev Chart and maybe compensated by 30 seconds (not sure).

I hope you like square format and black and white photos, because here is a few!


To those not familiar with this set of office buildings – they are located pretty close to the Lisbon city center and built on top of a hill. There are fans and haters of this type of architecture, to me the glass surface of the office towers look amazing, but it is difficult to like the rest of the complex (at least for me). I happened to be nearby close to the sunset time and I had a quick walk around, finished a roll of film (Fuji Superia 200) in that location, but also took some shots with my digital camera. Below I present to you this handful of pictures and I hope you like them.

Expired roll of Polaroid 100 HD

Last year I was offered a roll of expired Polaroid 100 HD (which stands for ISO 100 speed, High Definition) and I was not sure what to expect from it – I did not check any reference photos on purpose hoping for great results.

I decided to shoot the entire roll in a quarry, not far away from where I live. This happened on a weekend, so it was relatevily safe to move around there, but had to keep in mind the distance from the cliffs. If I remember correctly, it was end of October or beginning of November 2021 and it was a hot day – I came back home with a red neck!

Shooting that film against the sun makes it look a bit cooler, than the shots in the opposite direction, where the sky and white/orange rocks are very vibrant and warm. The greens also seem to have some extra punch, which I liked in this case. The grain is also pretty fine to my liking and I won’t complain, since my scanner can’t capture this well enough anyway and I am not into pixel-peeping.

The results of that shoot can be found below and if you’re interested, have a look at NARC’s E-Bay store to get yourself a roll of this fantastic film.

Enjoy and feel free to let me know what you think!

Developing film at home

I had a few attempts to make this video with Joana and it finally is ready! Apparently, developing black and white film at home is much easier than making a video with all the important information and instructions for you, guys, to enjoy. Check it out and as we say in the video – comment on it to let us know what else needs to be clarified or if you have any hints for us.

Holidays in Italy

This was so long ago that I almost don’t remember about the whole relaxation and sightseeing time!

Back in June we went to Tuscany and we spent some time around a small town of Pomarance. Apart from frying our skins on the sun, having fun in the pool and drinking wine, we spent some time walking around and visiting nearby places. I don’t think we were expecting to bring back a lot of photos, but the heat during the day made it more difficult for us to be very active! Whenever we could, we captured the views and landscape, but there was also some space for street photography.

In this post I will show you both the analogue and digital shots – most of them are available as prints, so if you are interested, just send me an email or DM.

Enjoy! 🙂




Analogue shots – Kodak Gold (ISO 200)

Expired Fujifilm Superia 400

Lately I am posting my expired film adventures here and that is because I was pretty lucky with these rolls (as we never know what will happen, in most cases). This time I would like to present you a roll of Fuji Superia 400 that expired in 2005 and again I got it from NARC (check his ebay for good stuff!). I decided to shoot it at ISO 100 and seems it was still underexposed, probably due to the conditions it was stored in. However, this is still one of the rolls I liked to see scanned, also because nearly all the photos were shot on the weekend of my birthday – my girlfriend, Joana, took me to Alentejo, to a beautiful village of Évoramonte. We visited another town near by – Estremoz and I also took some shots on the way back. See for yourself, if you like the results and if you can feel a bit of the Alentejo vibe.

Expired Fujicolor Super HR 100

One more expired roll of film that was part of the pack provided by NARC and resulted in a very good set of photos (for me)! The roll I used was valid until 1992, so I set ISO to 25 (+2 stops), but after scanning it turned out it should have been even slower, one more stop would do. I used Silverfast for scanning the negatives and since there is no profile for this particular film type, I did my own color correction.

Raw scan (left) and edited scan (right) comparison

Below is the rest of the photos from this roll, I hope you like them!

Expired Kodak Ektar 125

I finally got some more color film developed (well, nearly 3 weeks ago, but I was lazy) and I would like to present to you the results I got from an expired roll of Kodak Ektar 125, which I shot at ISO 64. Now I see it could be better with ISO 32, but hey, with expired film you never know. I must say I don’t always apply the rule of +1 stop of exposure per each 10 years after expiration and I’m OK with it. As usual, this film I obtained from the famous NARC Expired Film – check it out, if you’re into it.

All the photos from that roll have strong marks of being stored in not perfect conditions and are underexposed. We can see an interesting color shift and in general I like the results, even though the shadows are not rich in detail.

Without further talk, the photos are below.

Testing Ilford Delta 400

I find the black and white photos are appropriate for dramatic scenes and I love the result I got from my last home developed roll – Ilford Delta 400. I shot it at box speed due to cloudy sky on the day I loaded it to my Canon 5 camera.

It was a good choice, I think, as I encountered almost the same conditions in other places. The below photos were taken around Vila Franca de Xira and Cascais and developed with HC-110.

Enjoy and hope you find a favorite among these.

Expired roll of Scotch Color

Last year I got a bunch of expired rolls from Nuno (person behind NARC Expired Film on eBay) and one of them was this – Scotch Color expired in 1992. The box speed was ISO 200, I shot it at ISO 100 and I overexposed some individual shots by 1 stop. This is so far my favorite expired roll, as the result was unexpected and interesting. I took it to take photos of an abandoned palace and a quary. All the photos were scanned at home and I was pretty excited to see the whole set on the screen. Enjoy!