Quick update

This will be just plain text for a change.

  1. My Facebook page has been deleted.
  2. I will be less active on Instagram.
  3. I will be more active on Twitter.
  4. New photos from analogue cameras will be posted on Grainery App.
  5. I added Shop to the top menu and will keep updating it with new prints.
  6. With the current temperatures it is very difficult to be productive and create new photos, but I hope to get back on track next month.
  7. With the previous point, I hope to revive the YouTube channel.

I will surely post some new stuff in here shortly, so stay tuned! 🙂

Expired Ilford Delta 100 in a Yashica 124

I obtained a couple of rolls of expired Ilford Delta 100 in medium format and finally had a chance to use one roll (back in January). The camera doesn’t belong to me, but it is a Yashica 124 and it was my first ever experience with a medium format camera.

I’m not saying these photos are something we would consider “WOW” – I wanted to test the roll and the camera as well. I used the Light Meter app on my phone to measure the exposure settings and I think I failed a few shots anyway, but it was fun to learn and get used to the difficulties (or rather differences) in composing a picture with this camera.

Overall, I am pretty happy with the outcome. I used the recipe for development I found on Massive Dev Chart and maybe compensated by 30 seconds (not sure).

I hope you like square format and black and white photos, because here is a few!


To those not familiar with this set of office buildings – they are located pretty close to the Lisbon city center and built on top of a hill. There are fans and haters of this type of architecture, to me the glass surface of the office towers look amazing, but it is difficult to like the rest of the complex (at least for me). I happened to be nearby close to the sunset time and I had a quick walk around, finished a roll of film (Fuji Superia 200) in that location, but also took some shots with my digital camera. Below I present to you this handful of pictures and I hope you like them.

Expired roll of Polaroid 100 HD

Last year I was offered a roll of expired Polaroid 100 HD (which stands for ISO 100 speed, High Definition) and I was not sure what to expect from it – I did not check any reference photos on purpose hoping for great results.

I decided to shoot the entire roll in a quarry, not far away from where I live. This happened on a weekend, so it was relatevily safe to move around there, but had to keep in mind the distance from the cliffs. If I remember correctly, it was end of October or beginning of November 2021 and it was a hot day – I came back home with a red neck!

Shooting that film against the sun makes it look a bit cooler, than the shots in the opposite direction, where the sky and white/orange rocks are very vibrant and warm. The greens also seem to have some extra punch, which I liked in this case. The grain is also pretty fine to my liking and I won’t complain, since my scanner can’t capture this well enough anyway and I am not into pixel-peeping.

The results of that shoot can be found below and if you’re interested, have a look at NARC’s E-Bay store to get yourself a roll of this fantastic film.

Enjoy and feel free to let me know what you think!