Beats Sessão da Tarde

I met Thiago during Loures Arte Publica in June this year. He was painting a wall as part of the event and I was taking photos of the artists and their works. We spent quite a lot of time together during our breaks and even though we are from completely different parts of the world we have some friends in common. At some point we were talking about the music… I made a video clip for a good friend of mine – Alergeek, and Thiago told me about his project – Beats Sessão da Tarde. The idea is simple, yet got my attention due to it being a rich source of creativity – an artist (or more artists) makes some beats live, some cool spot in the background and we roll!

>> Beats Sessão da Tarde on YouTube <<

We recorded the first video with Thiago in October, it was the first session recorded outside and first one in Portugal (previous ones were made in Brazil). Then we had 2 more sessions in November and below is the result of our most recent action with Bambino.

Hope you enjoy the video and if you do, don’t forget to subscribe to that channel!

Make scratching great again

I remember that since I was a little kid I was always fascinated by the sound of scratching vinyl. Every move had to be synchronized to match the beat and at the same time drag the listener into the underground vibe.

I met Scratchers Anónimos – DJ Ki, Camboja Selecta and DJ Ketzal, about 1 year ago at one of their Open Scratch Jam sessions at Anjos 70 in Lisbon. The guys are super friendly and we had multiple chances to spend time together always surrounded by great music. It was a big pleasure when I took some photos of them for fun and as a token of appreciation they asked me to work with them, as they are preparing to expand their activity and will need some good quality images.

They didn’t have to ask me twice…

Tonight they will be entertaining the guests of Tokyo Bar and I will be there capturing the fun!

Link to event: HERE

Scratchers Anónimos on Facebook: HERE


Moody afternoon with Liv

It was Sunday afternoon when I met Liv at LX Factory in Lisbon. She is very young and beautiful girl from Germany, who is currently living in Portugal. Even though it was raining cats and dogs we were both very excited to take some photos in the raw and obscure interiors of the main building, where all kind of artistic offices can be found – from fashion designers, illustrators, painters to film studios.

Inside the building is not a typical location for sweet and colorful holiday pictures, so it was perfect for this dull rainy day. Dimmed lights, narrow corridors, old machinery and no people disturbing the frame.

The ISO had to be set to some high values in certain spots, but the final result is very satisfying – non-disrupting light, contrasting background and magic in the eyes of Liv.

Liv on Instagram: @borntoliv