Time for analogue shots

Not many people still shoot film nowadays. No wonder… It’s expensive and we all know that price plays huge role in our ability of maintaining our hobbies. Recently price of a single roll of film went up due to some producers leaving the market and others explaining the production costs went up as well. But there are still a lot of awesome photographers using analogue techniques to show us the beauty of shooting film. To name a few of my favorites: Estevan Oriol, Mateusz Hajman, OzGFK and Lisbon based photographer Diogo Smith.

While I’m waiting for the scans of my first roll dedicated to just one model, here are some of my favorite color captures I took over the years. And I will keep on shooting film, as much as I can (afford).

The amazing world of street art

This post was meant from be different to what it is…

When I moved to Lisbon in the summer of 2016 it immediately caught my eye that the city is full of street art – graffiti, tags, murals, stickers, paste-ups – you name it. It caught my eye, but that was about all that happened. I thought “yeah, there’s a lot of it” and while I would stop and admire some works here and there, I understood very quickly that I’m falling in love with the city. When I think ‘Lisbon’ I think ‘woman’. And it’s because of this wall by Tami Hopf in Alfama (done in 2016 – coincidence?):

While I was getting to know the areas of Lisbon more and more, I kept on “discovering” new works, but it was May 2017 that made a big difference in my perception of street art and the artists behind it. There was an event in Amoreiras with the old school graffiti writers and I decided to and have a look. I took my camera with me and tried to document the progress of beautifications without interrupting the guys painting… but surprisingly some of them would stop painting when they saw a new face around. That’s how I met Obey, Slap, Utopia, Roteweiller and indirectly the person behind Street Art Lovers on Instagram (who is now my good friend).

And that’s where things get complicated, because I wanted to show you the photos from that event, but the DVD with those photos is unreadable…

At least I can keep it short now! 🙂

I tried to take a good photo of every wall I found interesting, a wall that had a decent work on it and my Instagram used to be full of those photos. Through all those people I met other artists, they would share information about other events and I would get to see more walls and take more photos…

I will keep the rest for another post. Below are some of the works of my favorite artists, but I still wish I could show you some of those from Amoreiras from 2017…

Street photos from Warsaw

I spent a fun week in Warsaw, Poland in February and a part of the fun was street photography. Woke up early morning on Monday to capture people walking to work in the moody narrow streets of Warsaw Old Town covered in subtle rays of winter sun. It was warm that day for February – around 12 degrees Celsius, which was a nice surprise for me – summer lover!

Until early afternoon without rushing to any specific point I ended up with a decent amount of photos that I was happy with. All taken with my Canon 6D Mark II and 50mm f1.4 lens.

My partner in crime this time was Magda – @by.strangee – who I met via Instagram and she’s a real street photography lover. Make sure you pay a visit on her profile 😉

Enough talking, enjoy the photos!

A day off = architecture photography

Had a day off this week and decided to visit that area of Universidade NOVA with a very modern building and its surroundings. Took only a few shots, but I like them a lot! Definitely need to come back one day – close to the sunset or with a better filter.

1-3 Universidade NOVA de Lisboa

4    Banco Santander Totta

5-7 Juízos do Tribunal de Pequena Instância Cível

8    Palacete Henrique Mendonça



Meet Masimmo

Márcia aka Masimmo agreed for a photoshoot recently, but I promised her analogue shots… Well, logistics failed and I didn’t get the battery for my Canon A-1 on time, so we both agreed to have a session with the digital camera instead.

After you check out the below photos, have a look at her other stuff, too.



Masimmo Facebook

Masimmo Instagram

A word about 24 Hour Project

First time I heard about 24 Hour Project was back in 2016. I found the idea very interesting and I was wondering how can photography make a difference? An important difference!? It was only a few months after that I tried to make a difference in our world myself during the 2017 edition of 24 Hour Project. Days passed and I was still checking Instagram and Facebook for news related to this project and with my eyes wide open I looked at the photos they shared on their account – photos from all over the world showing other people’s lives.

Back then I was not into street photography, I was too shy and felt too exposed as a photographer to the public, and because of that – in my opinion – it didn’t go well for me… But then I thought “why am I afraid of people, if I’m doing it for the people?”.

I stepped forward… I got more confident taking my cameras out to the streets and then in 2018 I tried to take even more responsibility by being a local ambassador of 24 Hour Project in Lisbon (you can read about it on their website).

Just today they shared a story on Instagram about upcoming updates, so stay tuned.

And of course I will join their forces again in this year’s edition!


Below you can find some photos I took last year as part of the 2018 edition of 24 Hour Project.

24 Hour Project 2018:

Modern architecture

Even before I got my first camera I was amazed by modern architecture and architecture in general. In this post I would like to share with you a few photos I took in a very modern – 20 years old – part of the city of Lisbon – Parque das Nações.

Honestly, I am not a big fan of that area, but the amount of great shots it offers is amazing.