IMG_2381sMy name is Wojtek Scibor and my adventure with photography began around 5 years ago. It all started with a camera I bought to capture my holiday sightseeing in better quality and since then I wanted to know more and more about photography. The journey took me through quite a few cameras, both digital and analogue, and I keep on discovering new things about this kind of art every day.

Throughout the years I found myself attracted mostly by photographing architecture and unique, temporary street sightings. I enjoy wandering through the city, especially the older parts of Lisbon – Alfama and Mouraria, without having a specific destination, drawing inspiration from small “tascas” and getting the feeling of unique energy from locals and their authenticity. My curiosity, however, also led me to explore other possibilities and discover a lot more interesting targets of my lens, thus making me advance to street art. And Lisbon is full of it!

Lately I decided that after all those years of exploration it is time to advance to another area – portraits. It all started taking photos of my friends, since the intimacy between me and them as the models enabled me to build my confidence approaching people and capture their faces on photographs.

I prefer very much natural look and capturing spontaneous moments that are close to reality rather than a set up scenery to preserve the true essence of the situation. However, I find it important to adjust to the subject and in these cases I let my empathy and patience play the main role. I am a good listener, and should you require specific services I will do my best to help us understand your needs.








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