Expired roll of Polaroid HD 100

Last year I was offered a roll of expired Polaroid 100 HD (which stands for ISO 100 speed, High Definition) and I was not sure what to expect from it – I did not check any reference photos on purpose hoping for great results.

I decided to shoot the entire roll in a quarry, not far away from where I live. This happened on a weekend, so it was relatevily safe to move around there, but had to keep in mind the distance from the cliffs. If I remember correctly, it was end of October or beginning of November 2021 and it was a hot day – I came back home with a red neck!

Shooting that film against the sun makes it look a bit cooler, than the shots in the opposite direction, where the sky and white/orange rocks are very vibrant and warm. The greens also seem to have some extra punch, which I liked in this case. The grain is also pretty fine to my liking and I won’t complain, since my scanner can’t capture this well enough anyway and I am not into pixel-peeping.

The results of that shoot can be found below and if you’re interested, have a look at NARC’s E-Bay store to get yourself a roll of this fantastic film.

Enjoy and feel free to let me know what you think!

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