Postcards from São Miguel

Most of the times I visit new places during holidays or weekend escapades I avoid touristic hot-spots and I never buy any souvenirs except a postcard for myself. I don’t send postcards from the places I visit to my family or friends and it’s because I am not a great writer – it happened in the past that I sent a postcard that looked like this:

Greetings from *INSERT PLACE*


True Story, Bro

Now I know I am more into more authentic and close to the nature type or retreat, that’s why I take photos for my own postcards.

Exactly one month ago I went with my girlfriend (also a photographer – IG and WWW) to São Miguel island and we stayed for a week in Mosteiros. It was active and at the same time relaxing week for the both of us and we miss that place since we came back from there.

We took some rolls of film with us and I had my DSLR with me as well, but surprisingly, we did not run out of film nor did I need to use my secondary memory card. Guess we just needed the rest we got there?

In my previous post you can see a special photoshoot we did with Joana (and more on her Instagram), but the more colorful and holiday-vibe photos can be seen below. We have some prints in offer, if you are interested in buying some of those and we will be happy to share a small part of our trip with you – just let me know!

PS. These photos are from 2 different rolls – Kodak Gold and Kodak ColorPlus.

  • saomiguel1_1
  • saomiguel1_2
  • saomiguel1_3
  • saomiguel1_4
  • saomiguel1_5
  • saomiguel1_6
  • saomiguel1_7
  • saomiguel1_8
  • saomiguel1_9
  • saomiguel1_10
  • saomiguel1_11
  • saomiguel1_12
  • saomiguel1_13
  • saomiguel1_14
  • saomiguel1_15
  • saomiguel1_16
  • saomiguel1_17
  • saomiguel1_18
  • saomiguel1_19
  • saomiguel1_20
  • saomiguel1_21
  • saomiguel1_22
  • saomiguel1_23
  • saomiguel1_24
  • saomiguel1_24
  • saomiguel1_26

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