Expired Ilford Delta 100 in a Yashica 124

I obtained a couple of rolls of expired Ilford Delta 100 in medium format and finally had a chance to use one roll (back in January). The camera doesn’t belong to me, but it is a Yashica 124 and it was my first ever experience with a medium format camera.

I’m not saying these photos are something we would consider “WOW” – I wanted to test the roll and the camera as well. I used the Light Meter app on my phone to measure the exposure settings and I think I failed a few shots anyway, but it was fun to learn and get used to the difficulties (or rather differences) in composing a picture with this camera.

Overall, I am pretty happy with the outcome. I used the recipe for development I found on Massive Dev Chart and maybe compensated by 30 seconds (not sure).

I hope you like square format and black and white photos, because here is a few!

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