Poland on film a year later

Back in October 2021 I finally went for a visit to Poland again. This time I had my Canon EOS 5 with me and only a few rolls – Ilford FP4+ (that was already in the camera) and HP5+ (shot at ISO 800) and expired Fuji Superia 400 (that I decided to shoot at ISO 100 – good decision). I believe I took 2 more rolls with me, but due to the nature of the visit I didn’t have time to use them all. The only lens I took was Canon 16-35mm f2.8.

Katowice – Nikiszowiec and the center

Here I would like to present you some decent shots from FP4+ used entirely in Katowice in the south of Poland. I was raised near by this city and I was quite familiar with the places we visited, so it felt really good to have some nice photos from there. The ones I am presenting you below are from the Nikiszowiec neighborhood and from the center of Katowice itself.

  • ilford_katowice_1
  • ilford_katowice_2
  • ilford_katowice_3
  • ilford_katowice_4
  • ilford_katowice_5
  • ilford_katowice_6
  • ilford_katowice_7
  • ilford_katowice_8
  • ilford_katowice_9
  • ilford_katowice_10
  • ilford_katowice_11
  • ilford_katowice_12
  • ilford_katowice_13
  • ilford_katowice_14
  • ilford_katowice_15
  • ilford_katowice_16
  • ilford_katowice_17

To the north

After spending a few days down south we made our way to the north of Poland and we visited a place that is very close to my heart, where I recorded so many memories that sometimes I feel I spent my whole childhood there – Stegna. I finished the black and white roll in Katowice, so I loaded the Fuji Superia 400, set the ISO to 100 and hoped for the best results. You be the judge. Only a couple of photos from here, the rest of the roll was shot in Warsaw.

  • fuji_stegna_1
  • fuji_stegna_2
  • fuji_stegna_3
  • fuji_stegna_4
  • fuji_stegna_5
  • fuji_stegna_6
  • fuji_stegna_7
  • fuji_stegna_8
  • fuji_stegna_9

The capital of Poland

After all those years, this was the first time I ever took a good camera to Warsaw and focused on taking photos that do not exactly belong in the family album. Here I finished the roll of Fuji Superia 400 and then switched to Ilford HP5+, which was shot at ISO 800 due to unpredictable weather. And it became sunny! A bit of an overkill then, but it helped in the interiors.

  • fuji_warsaw_1
  • fuji_warsaw_2
  • fuji_warsaw_3
  • fuji_warsaw_4
  • fuji_warsaw_5
  • fuji_warsaw_6
  • fuji_warsaw_7
  • fuji_warsaw_8
  • fuji_warsaw_9
  • fuji_warsaw_10
  • fuji_warsaw_11
  • fuji_warsaw_12
  • fuji_warsaw_13
  • fuji_warsaw_14
  • ilford_warsaw_1
  • ilford_warsaw_2
  • ilford_warsaw_3
  • ilford_warsaw_4
  • ilford_warsaw_5
  • ilford_warsaw_6
  • ilford_warsaw_7
  • ilford_warsaw_8
  • ilford_warsaw_9
  • ilford_warsaw_10
  • ilford_warsaw_11
  • ilford_warsaw_12
  • ilford_warsaw_13
  • ilford_warsaw_14
  • ilford_warsaw_15
  • ilford_warsaw_16
  • ilford_warsaw_17

Did you like the photos? Feel free to drop a comment! Most of the photos can be ordered as prints and before they make their way to my store just send me a message.

Take care and stay tuned for more!

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