Expired Ilford Delta 100 on a Hasselblad 500C/M

As the year 2022 was coming to an end I got a chance to walk around Lisbon with a Hasselblad 500C/M and take some photos on a medium format film – Ilford Delta 100. The film was expired and a roll I used previously gave pretty nice results, so I grabbed another roll and headed to Alcântara. I loaded it into a the camera back that was capturing the photos in 6×4.5 format, but I didn’t have a viewfinder mask, so some of the shots are not very well framed (I also forgot sometimes what I shoot with). It was a day with heavy fog everywhere, but when I actually reached my destination, the fog started to go away, which was also a beautiful sight. Seeing the milky myst roll up the cliffs on the south side of the Tagus river is impressive, at least to me. It turned out the condition of that particular roll was not that great, however, it gives me that feeling of nostalgia and I don’t even mind the strong imperfections.
Hope you enjoy, just like I did!

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