Forgotten roll of Kodak Gold

Almost 1 year in camera…

I loaded my Canon 5 with a roll of Kodak Gold back in July 2023 and after a few shots… my battery died. It was a reachargable one, I guess due to constant use in various cameras it lost its ability to stay alive and, unfortunately, charging it didn’t work anymore. But I have other cameras and less mojo for shooting, so I forgot about it.

Last shot before the battery said bye

Until I bought another battery and thought it’s a good idea to FINALLY finish that roll.

Summer shots

My favorite photo from that roll is definitely one of this house on a hill.

And since I like photographing architecture, this one below is also one I decided to keep.

The rest of the photos are not very inspirational, but I still like them.

German countryside

And the last photo of the roll was luckily with the sunset over the fields.

Most of the photos were taking on a bit cloudy days, so I don’t really love the way they look, but it is what it is.

Hope you liked them and let me know your opinion 🙂

Until next time!

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